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Join Slow Food Marin-Petaluma and become part of a growing national and international movement dedicated to honoring local producers and making good, clean and fair food a reality for all. Members enjoy coming together to share the everyday joys of food and to promote caring for the land and protecting biodiversity for today's communities and future generations.

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  • Convivial meals and tastings
  • Visits with local producers and farms
  • Educational workshops and classes
  • Discussions, conferences & film screenings
  • Volunteerism on a local and national level

Slow Food Marin-Petaluma is one of more than 225 volunteer-led chapters of Slow Food USA, representing more than 24,000 members and reaching a network of more than 300,000 supporters in the United States and around the world.

Slow Food Marin-Petaluma Chapter Mission Statement

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By joining, you help shape the direction of the Slow Food movement. As a member, youšll become connected with people who care about the Slow Food movement in your local region and help us move toward a more sustainable future. With your membership, you can attend local, national and international events, join an active online community, and stay informed about important food issues.

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Visit the Slow Food USA website, call our National office at 718-260-8000, or send an email to the Marin-Petaluma chapter.